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Basic Business Venture Plan Outline ...

  1. What is the problem we are solving?
  2. Who are the prospective customers for the solution to this problem?
  3. What is our solution?
  4. What are the current existing solutions that are available to our prospective customers?
  5. How is our solution a better value than the alternatives?
  6. What people, places, things, time, and money resources do we need to create and deliver our solution to our prospective customers?
  7. Can our solution generate a profit after all reoccurring expenses are covered?
  8. How much, and when?
  9. Who is going to make this happen, and why are they qualified to do so?

Easy (easier? easiest?) way to create a business plan ...

Easy (easier? easiest?) way to create a business plan ...

The most common approach to creating a business plan to present to prospective investors and collaborators is through a PowerPoint (or Google Slides) presentation.

PowerPoint is an excellent tool ... it has good graphics capabilities built in, creating individual slides for each topic tends to force clarity in thinking, it allows for adding hidden (or not) "speaker notes" to each slide, and more.

One interesting "trick" ... use the "speaker notes" in a PowerPoint business plan slide deck to transform the slides into a more formal written business plan.

It is very common for prospective investors to ask for a copy of the slides before, during, and after a presentation. The down-side is that not all of the pertinent information is on the slides. The speaker for each slide is providing that information. However, there is a easy and fairly elegant solution. Instead of just printing the slide deck, print the slide deck with the accompanying speaker notes. But not just any ordinary speaker notes ...

Use the "Speaker Notes" feature of PowerPoint to write sentences and paragraphs as needed to help the reader understand what is on the slide (since the actual speaker is not there to tell them in person). Just like writing a "formal" document except with the added benefit here of coordinating with the venture plan slide deck and graphics.

There are typically 10 to 20 slides in a business venture plan slide deck (a suggested base outline is below).

From the PowerPoint slide deck with the sentences and paragraphs, the slides with "speaker notes" can be printed one or two slides per page. The results is a "written" business plan that coordinates perfectly with the slide presentation, and has more details than simply printing the slides alone.

Base (but likely not all elements) of an outline for a business plan/presentation ...
1] Title ... name of your venture, logo, tag line, contact information ... a billboard executive summary of the venture
2] Problem/Opportunity ... pain your alleviating or the pleasure you're providing
3] Value Proposition ... benefits versus price
4] Underlying "Magic" ... your solution, marketing brochure, the "secret sauce" behind your venture ... photos, pictures, diagrams,
actual prototype?
5] Business Model ... how you make money ... business model canvas is a good graphic
6] Go-to-Market Plan ... customer NWD profile and how you will fill the holes ... buyer, decision maker, influencer, user, et al
7] Competitive Analysis ... key competitors and perhaps a SWOT(T)
8] Management Team ... you, key advisors
9] Financial Objectives ... first week, month, quarter, year ... how you will meet these objectives ... key metrics
10] Timeline and Status ... Past 6 months, status now, next 6 months ...

While these 10 slides are fundamental, 10 slides alone are often not enough for some base business venture plan presentations. Add as needed but resist the urge to have more than about 18 slides for a 10 to 15 minute presentation.

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