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SWOT(T) Analysis ...

A SWOT(T) Analysis chart is a useful tool for analysis of a venture, the competition, the industry, customers, and as a tool for presenting a summary of such an analysis. [The extra (T) is for Trends.]

Basic Toolbox for Innovators and Entrepreneurs, part 1 ...

Here are six very handy and useful tools for innovators and entrepreneurs defining, designing, developing, and deploying new business ventures.
Hint 1: there are 35 sub-elements in the D-M Tool ... successful ventures have good background information and strategies for each box.
Hint 2: Tools 4, 5, and 6 are good for addressing those 35 elements.

Jim Jindrick

Some tips, tools, and rules of thumb for innovation commercialization! You can send Jim Jindrick a message here: Jim's books are available here:

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