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Business Model Canvas ...

Here’s a version of the very popular Business Model Canvas. Remember, it’s a "canvas" … use it as a tool to build your business model by applying some "paint" with elbow grease! Then use it as a tool to "display" your "work of art" ...

Here’s a version of the canvas that applies to Google ...

Here the Business Model "Canvas" is being used as a communications tool, integrated into their business plan ...

Rapid Prototype Module Template

This is a great tool for designing a new process, a new product, software, apps, gizmogadgets, and more!

Answer these basic questions ...
  1. What are the outputs desired?
  2. What are the inputs required?
  3. What is the process to transform the input into the outputs?
  4. If this happens, then what? Else, what?
  5. How does the environment(s) affect the inputs, the process, the outputs?
  6. What happens to any wasted generated by the process?

Business Model Canvas Design Template

Business Model Canvas: a strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing business models.


Jim Jindrick

Some tips, tools, and rules of thumb for innovation commercialization! You can send Jim Jindrick a message here: Jim's books are available here:

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