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Startup Financial Objectives Worksheets

Here are the pdf versions of the income, use of funds, and source of funds worksheets. Operative word here: worksheet. Work through your numbers, experiment a bit, see what works and what doesn't. PLEASE do keep in mind that for a start-up company, financials are objectives to be met (with a reasonable tolerance band, high and low). They are not projections since there is no history in a new venture. Rather, they are the targets to be achieved, or not.

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New Ventures Blossom in Stages ...

  1. Ideas … "Hey, I gotta thought!"
  2. Dreams ... "Just suppose ..."
  3. Vision ... "We will change the way someone does something!" [Be specific, 100 words or less: Who is someone? What is the something? Why are you going to change the way it is being done now? How?]
  4. Mission ... "We will earn a profit solving customer problems better than the competition!" [Be specific, 100 words or less: Who are the target customers? What are their problems? How will you solve them? What is the competition? How are you better? What will you do to earn the business? How will you make a profit? How much?]
  5. Goals ... "In five years, we will ..." [What are your three most important goals?]
  6. Objectives ... "To reach our goals, we must accomplish these objectives ..." [What are the three most important objectives for each goal that must be accomplished in the next six months?]
  7. Strategies ... "To accomplish our objectives, we will do this better than our competition ..." [What methods will you use to reach your objectives?]
  8. Tactics ... "To implement our strategies, we will do these things ..." [What three procedures will you use to carry out your strategies?]
  9. Tasks ... "To execute our tactics, we will ... " [What three things must be done to realize your tactics?]
  10. Assignments ... "Here's who is going to do what and when ... " [Who are the best people for each task?]

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