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Venture Map

Every venture (business, not-for-profit, company, et al) looks like this. Not every venture adequately addresses each of these elements, at their own peril!

From one perspective (of many!), all healthy business ventures look like this. They at least have all these elements in place, if not adequately addressed. So, while every healthy venture does look like this, unhealthy ventures look like this, too! The difference is that the healthy ventures have solid strategies in place for each of these areas ... unhealthy ventures do not.

There are two key activities crucial for creating and maintaining a healthy company ...

1] The core business operations focuses on the Transformation process ... transforming customer needs, wants and desires into products, services, and business methods that keep customers coming and satisfied.

2] There must also be a continual Innovation process in the venture, focusing on sustaining core competencies, solving current and future customer problems, building sustainable competitive advantages, and growing the business in ever-changing environments.

Sales and Distribution Channels ...

Typical sales and distribution channel chain ... from the manufacturer to wholesale distribution to retail sales ... and every gets a cut!

Phases of Innovation ...

Innovation: something new and better
Something: product, service, process, method, position, solution, paradigm
New: did not exist before in our market space
Better: superior value compared to the competition

Creativity can exist in vacuum, innovation cannot.

  1. Preparation ... focus on the problem or opportunity, and who it affects
  2. Exploration ... identify current solutions, alternatives, and substitutes
  3. Stimulation ... use creativity techniques to trigger new ideas, concepts, and solutions
  4. Incubation ... give the new ideas some time and thought
  5. Illumination ... identify new ideas, concepts, and solutions
  6. Selection ... establish and use clear criteria for selecting the "best" concept
  7. Planning ... decide how to implement the concept
  8. Implementation ... put the plan and concept to work
  9. Evaluation ... determine if the new concept is working
  10. Iteration ... apply incremental improvement to the concept, or start over


Business Flow Structure ...

1 ... Define what is happening in each of the seven major functional areas of the venture.
2 ... Define what is happening in each of the 14 links between the functional area.

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