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There is a Cozy Relationship Between Creativity, Invention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship?

  1. Imagination is simply thinking of something new and different to you.
  2. Creativity is making something new and different than what you've done before. Creativity can be something very simple (a line drawing) to very complex (a new drug formula). Creativity may be inventive, or innovative, or neither, or both! Creativity is personal ... it does not require a comparison to anything else that already exists, not true for inventions or innovations.
  3. Invention is making something new, useful, and different than what already exists ... however, an invention is not necessarily better than what already exists!
  4. Innovation is making something new, and different, and ... this is important ... also better than what already exists.
  5. Entrepreneurship is applied innovation ... putting something new and better to work!

Jim Jindrick

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